Pollution: Threatening Biodiversity

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Pollution: Threatening Biodiversity

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Created by:Aditya Moghe

- Not only does pollution affect the organisms in the ecosystem, it can be traced in the human body, through food, medicine, and industrial products.-The Missippi River contain 1.5 metric tons of Nitrogen Pollution.- Traces of DDT(dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) can be found in penguins, where agriculture is not prominent

Pollution is an everlating problem, only tainted by the human hands. In 1874, the creation of DDT impacted many organisms including birds. The carelessness of humans kept th harmful pesticide in crops until 1972. The intial cause of this pesticide use was to develop an adherence to insect contamination. Eve though it did suceed in the insecta species, it also got rid of many bird.

Because of this horrible ddt insidence, many of the birds were affected. Scientists found that many bird eggs were brittle and easily expendable. As birds went to incubate the eggs, the brittle shells cracked and broke. A darastic decrease of birds was found. DDt also was found to cause several abnormalities to newly bor chicks that had survived the brittle egg.

Although DDT is now banned, similar pollution is found on agricultural plantations. Insectasides are not the safest for consumption. It is said that an abnormal amount of insects die due to the harsh pesticides. Some severe cases involve cancer in the humans. Go and research on insectaside prevention methods on websites such as: http://www.epa.gov/safepestcontrol/why-we-use-pesticides

Polution: Threatening Biodiversity



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