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Human Influence on Ecology

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Pollution Solution


Class, please navigate to the specific area of study and its corresponding day to complete your assignments. Have fun!

How can we use technology to make learning FUN?

Social Studies





Language Arts



Today, we started making our dough maps of the major land features in the United States. Use the GPB Image below to conduct your research on the land feature of your choice. Remember to use your time wisely!

Today, we did our water pollution activity. We learned alot about how humans create pollution and how our actions affect the environment around us. Click on the pictures below to watch the videos. They will tell you more about what YOU can do to help!

Today, we reviewed how we can use different types of graphs to show our collected data.In the box below you will find your scenarios from the graphing exercise we did in class. Follow the directions on the peice of paper below.

Wow! Who knew that learning about our health could be so much fun? I am super proud of you for particpating in our wonderful campaign to make healthy choices.Our class banner looks esquisite! Remember to advocate good choices and to always support the ones you love!

This week, we have written letters to our family members and friends about healthy decisions, we've created postcards with facts about our land features, and we've proposed new ways to prevent pollution.. Wow! We are going to grow up to be wonderful writers. Great job class!

Now you have a job to do! Your task is to use what you know about the different types of pollution, and in your teams, you will come up with a solution for pollution. You will do this using the design challege process. remember to use your six page booklet we created at the begining of the week! Your group will be presenting your proposals to the class. Be creative!

With your research information, you will be creating a postcard on your specific land feature. This post card will have at leat 5 important facts about your feature. The postcard also needs to be adressed to someone you know. Don't forget to add an illustration and a postage stamp!

Click here to re-watch the video!

When building your graphs today, you contructed them off of a provided scenario (you either had land pollution, water polluiton, air polution, conservation, or recycling). Use that scenario and come up with a short skit explaining your topic and graph. You may use any of the motivational videos or research links provided in Monday and Tuesday's section for further resources if need be.

Ok class, today we're learning about prefixes. I hope you enjoyed the Smart Board activity! Today, your task is to create and publish your very own prefix poem. You are going to use the resources on today's section to help you write your poems. Your poems should include at least 8 lines. Your poems should also include at least 6 words that contain prefixes. Remember to use theose words in the correct manner. There is a brain pop video below that may be helpful to you. Also I will leave the smart board activities on here too, so you can refer back to them for help! Have fun, I look forward to hearing your poems!

Click on the pictures below. They will be useful resources when writing your letters to your family members about making healthy choices.

Writing help videos here!

Lesson plans, references, and backwards design on the paper clip!



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