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Going West was painted by Pollock in 1935. Their shapes are flat. The painting is abstract & it belongs to the expresionism movement.In the image we can see a pioneering family moving west, perhaps it's a personal memory of the moment when his family went to Arizona to live & later to California when he was a child. In the painting, the shapes look like as if there are five animals pulling of carts. The colours are sad & dark, but the sun lights up some parts of the painting.The author tries to represent the American Regionalism & his own origins & childhood. Personally, I like this painting more than rest of his creations because I don't understand the majority of them.

The She-Wolf was made by Pollock in 1943. It’s an abstract & expressionist art. It has darks colours like many other paintings that he did & their shapes are flat.In the painting you can see a wolf, he represented the animal that suckled the twin founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, in the myth of the city’s birth. The shapes are confusing me & I can’t see nothing.Personally I don’t like this image because I can’t appreciate all the details due to is too difficult to me understand it.

The Deep is another painting made by Pollock in 1953. He used to paint black & white colours. It’s an abstract & expressionist art.By this time he began to avoid color & started painting exclusively in black, though with alcoholism taking over his life, his productivity steadily declined. The Deep represent an abyss either to be avoided or to get lost inside. White paint was built up with layered brush strokes, showing a return of Pollock's direct involvement with the canvas.This painting transmits to me peaceful & that’s why I like it. It’s also beautiful.

Full Fathom Five by Pollock was made in 1947. It’s an abstract & expressionist art. The colours that he used were: black, white & a range of green.Full Fathom Five tell us how Pollock felt during that period, if he was happy by his achievements or sad if his work didn’t like to people. It isn’t easy to analyze in my opinion.I love this painting not because how is it, otherwise, the story that it has.

Guardians of the Secret was painted by Pollock too, in 1943. It’s an abstract & expressionist art. The blue is the main colour & has many curved shapes.The image is often interpreted as a metaphor for the emergence of unconscious impulses into conscious thought, represents a synthesis of Pollock's sources & such as the other it’s hard to interpret.I like it a little bit more than other due to his meaning, it’s strange & you have to think about it to understand it.

ARTISTIC TRAININGPollock was born in Cody, Wyoming, 28th January of 1912. During his childhood & his adolescence he lived in Arizona & California, & in 1929 he moved to New York to study painting in Art Students League. During his period of training he met the mexicans muralist's painting, which impressed to Pollock. He began his degree making figurative art. Towards 1938 the abstract & irrational art started to interested him & his inspiration was the Indian-American world. Pollock died in Springs, New York, 11st August of 1956.

By: Tania Fuentes



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