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Field Trip Ideas-Students can use butterfly nets to catch pollinators in the prarie with the help of guides-> Fill out interactive activity worksheet-Students can go on guided tour of the museum with explanation of the displays, critical thinking questions, and live hive demonstration

Displays -Flowers-Pollen-Bumble bee biology-Monarch butterfliers-History of beekeeping-Pollinators in peril-Insect societies-Honey bee biology-Language of pollination-Bird pollination-Mammal pollination-Pollinators in pop culture

Description: The UI Pollinatarium is dedicated to all polinators who assist in flowering plants & meeting their reproductive needs. Exhibits show visitors a broad range of subjects involved in the study of pollination, including ecology, evolution, plant biology, insect physiology, animal behavior, crop sciences and conservation.

Exhibits-Beekeping equipment-Demonstration hive with live bees-Interactive games-Prairie with walking path-Shade house-Pollinator garden

Professional DevelopmentThe pollinatarium can be used as a way to introduce inquiry learning into the classroom. Teachers can work on the issues of Collony Collapse Disorder and look at the different exhibits in the pollinatarium to find possible solutions. This is a great resource to use as an introduction to creating interactive lesson plans, and a way to inform teachers of the resources available in the commuity.

Resouces-National Pollinator Week: http://www.life.uiuc.edu/entomology/pollinators/-Bee Essay: Bumble Bees in the Wild-- by Sydney Cameron, Jeff Lozier and Isaac Stewart-The Life of a Beekeeper: http://multi.media.illinois.edu/ng/soundslides/Beekeeper/Bees/Bees.html-Beespotter: http://beespotter.mste.uiuc.edu/


Bee Hive


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