Politics in the war of 1812

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Politics in the war of 1812

After the Revolutionary War, the United States had little, if any, ideas on how to handle the new Nation that they were.

Impressmant became a large issue before and during the war, The British claiming American sailors were still British subjects.

the War of 1812

The war of 1812 Was often Called Mr. Madison's war. Before 1812, he attempted to stop the conflict, but never used his executive power. His own Rebublicans Believed him Weak.


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James Madison

While Dem-Rebublicans were highly for the war, the Federalis Party was Against war. Oddly, the federalists began to Take State Rights into consideration, ex. state rights with militias.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, A future president, was a General in the war of 1812. After the war was "over" he won a lopsided victory in New Orleans, boosting the countrie's morale.

No Constitutional Issues

First EVER Declared War

Arming of Native Americans

Leading up to the war, the British began supplying Native Ameicans around the great lakes region with weapons, in hopes to strengthen their fighting against the Americans.

While no issues of whether the war was constitutional was brought up, fighting between federalists and Democratic-Republicans quickly ensued over the need of a war.


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