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Politics & Power One Pager

THE FRENCH ' INDIAN WAR:-The Albany Plan of Union: first time the colonies attempted to work together.-British: defeat the French in 1760, they acquire lots of land. They also neutralized threats of French, Spanish, and Native Americans.-Colonists: started to imagine themselves as self-sustaining.PROCLAMATION OF 1763: -Colonists cant go west of the Appalachian Mountains.BOSTON MASSACRE:-Conflict between colonists and soldiers; five colonists were murdered.INTOLERABLE ACTS:-a way to punish colonists for the Boston Tea Party.



FRENCH ' INDIAN WAR-British: won the war, had a huge debt war. The British believed that the colonist should pay for the causes of the war. British debt lead to unfair taxation on the colonist.BRITISH UNFAIR TAXING:a way to get colonist to pay for the war debt.-Sugar Act: taxed sugar and luxury items.-Quartenring Act: colonists had to provide housing for British troops.-Stamp Act: tax on all paper products."This was the first direct tax..." (64).Declaratory Act: Britain has the right to tax colonist.



How have various groups sought to change the federal government's role in American political, social, and economic life?

THE FRENCH ' INDIAN WAR-British: becomes dominant global naval power.TOWNSHED ACTS:-no taxation w/out representation.-tax on tea, glass and paper-authorization to search private homes for smuggled goods.BOSTON TEA PARTY(Sons of Liberty):-Sons of Liberty, disguised themselves as Native Americans and dumped tea on the harbor to avoid paying taxes and as a form of protesting.ENLIGHTMENT:-Montesquieu: separation of power.-Locke: natural rights. "His stress on natural rights would provide a rationale for the American Revolution ..." (68).-Rousseau: social contract.-Rome: republican government.


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