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Social Studies

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political spectrum.government

1. Remember the model of LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA ? This is the product you will create using your own choosen issue. 2. Go to OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS on CDL. Research some issues. (First open CVL. Then use the search bar at top to type in OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS)3. Choose the issue you want to continue with and claim your issue with your teachersw ~ first come first serve!4. Using your issue, research the claim made by CONSERVATIVES and LIBERALS. 5. Open the POLITICAL SPECTRUM PUBLICATION * find at least 3 claims by each side (total of 6 claims)* find at least 1 source of evidence for each claim (each source will have a claim listed) (and cite your source!)* In a well-developed paragraph of at least 5 sentaces, interpret the claim and use the supporting evidence to take your stand. BE PREPARED TO DEBATE YOUR ISSUE.6.. After our class discussions, choose three issues (new ones if possible, did any change?) from the wall. Now: choose your candidate based ONLY on those three issues. Everyone will have an opportunity to share how/if/why your results changed from earlier. Remember last week when everyone put themselves on the spectrum? Do you stand the same?


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