[2014] s87bgxrvj (Emanuel - 1st block): Political Scandals of the 1920's

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[2014] s87bgxrvj (Emanuel - 1st block): Political Scandals of the 1920's

Political Scandals of the 1920's

Ohio Gang

Scopes Monkey Trial

Teapot Dome Scandal

Sacco-Vanzetti Case

- US Stateman and 29th President Harden, Warren G.- Had a confusing campaign but stilled gained him victory- Left his cabinet to play poker with his "Ohio Gang"- Went on tour in Alaska recieve coded messages and became mysteriously ill, allegedy food poisoning.

- It Was A Federal Scandal.- Genereal Harry and Edwin Denby secertely leased Teapot Dome to sinclair and Elk Hills.- Each of them estimated to be worth $ 100 million dollars and loan sinclair and elk $100,000 dollars to the Teapot.- Both collected $409,000 in cash and bonds.- President Harding was involve in the negotiations.

- William Jennings Bryan (1860-1925) believed in 1925 that evolution ' Christianity were dueling to the death.-The former presidental candidate represented fundamental Christians who refused to believe in Darwinian evolution.-To many religious-minded Americans believing Charles Darwin (1809-1882) ideas apperared to preclude belief in God.-Tennessee's governor Austin Peay said that its intent was to protest an alarming tendency to exalt science at the exspense of the bible. -In 1925, the state of Tennessee passed the Butler Act, a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution in schools.

-Murder trials in Massachutes, USA between 1920-1921.-Italian immigrants Nicola Sacco (1891-1927) ' Bartolomeo Vanzetti (1888-1927)-The conviction was upheld on appeal, with application for rentrail denied.-Prolonged controversery delayed execution until 1927.-In 1977 the verdict was declared unjust because of the judges prejudice against the accusades anarchist views.-They both evaded the draft in WW1.Protests were made cause many people said that they were victoms of the Red Scare/-Evidence suggests that one of the fatal shots was fird from Sacco's gun.-The judges prejudice against the defendents political views raised questions about the fairness of the trial.

- Contest between science and religion a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution.- William Jenning Bryan and John T. Scopes.- Scopes assigned reading from the textbook that accepted Darwinian evolution.- Scopes was found guilty and had to pay $100 dollars.- The debate between science and religion continued long after the memories of the scopes trial.

Scopes Trial

Ladarius Blackmon and Antonio Palacious


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