Political Parties

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Politicians and Presidents

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Political Parties

The Republican platform supports "traditional marriage" although many Republicans DO favor legalizing same sex marriage. Most Republicans lean pro-life regarding abortion. They want smaller government.

Libertarians believe that abortion is a touchy subject that the government should not touch. On the position of same sex marriage, libertarians have no objection but believe it should be left to the states and not dictated by a court. They believe in not only a smaller government but a severely limited one.

Democrats believe that same sex couples should be allowed to marry. They are also strongly pro-choice regarding abortion. Democrats argue for a large federal government with many powers.

Hillary Clinton, Democrat Candidate

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Candidate

Sen. Marco Rubio, Republican Candidate

Sen. Rand Paul, Republican Candidate

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democrat Candidate

Political Parties in America



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