Political Legitimacy

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Political Legitimacy

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Political Legitimacy

Two examples of Political Legitimacy in Iran are the elections and secular laws. Their Constitution calls for free democratic elections in several positions, such as the legislature. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not have much separation, if any, between law and religion. The 6 ideas that their system is based on are all religious. Here is a link to the Iranian Constitution for more information: http://fis-iran.org/en/resources/legaldoc/constitutionislamic

Islamic Republic of Iran


What is it, and why is it important?

NigeriaNigeria does not have one commonly accepted religion like Iran. However, religion still plays a role in the government's legitimacy. Northern Nigeria uses Sharia Law, like Iran, to serve its Muslim citizens. Nigeria also alternates the religion of political leaders between Christian and Muslim. Each term's leader serves as a source of political legitimacy to the people of that religion. Leaders that follow a certain religion legitimize the government for that religion's followers. Because the country doesn't recognize Islam as its official religion, religion doesn't have as great of a positive effect on Nigeria as it does in Iran. Nigeria's government would then have to turn to other means to legitimize the government, like through elections. In recent years, Nigeria's president has been elected by the people, which helps in terms of legitimacy. Here is a website that explains Political Legitimacy in Nigeria: http://www.afrobarometer.org/files/documents/briefing_papers/AfrobriefNo46.pdf



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