Political Divisions

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Political Divisions

9. Southerners began feeling threatened after the 1858 elections. On October 16 abolitionist John Brown led 18 men white and black on a raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia. Their goal was to reach the arsenal. All were deafeted by local citizens and federal troops. Brown was convicted of treason and murder and sentenced to hang. In result of his death caused up roar in the North and almost brought the nation near disaster.

Political Divisions

4. The main issue determaining pesident caused debates over slavery. Democrats elected Franklin Peirce, he honered the Compromise of 1850 and Fugitive Slave Act. Whigs' and Winfeild lost in result of not supporting the act and compromise.

5. In 1854 antislaverist Whigs and Democrats joined forces with Free-Soliders to form the Rebublican Party. Their main message was to inforce that the government ban slavery from new territories but the South- Rebublicans had almost no support.

1. In 1854 dispute over slavery erupted in congress agaian. Stephen A. Douglas encouraged settlement of the West. He was developing a plan to expand the nation. Instead his bill reopened the conflict about slavery in the territpries.5. 3 main points of the Kansas-Nebraska Act were divide what's left of Louisiana in 2 territoies Kansas and Nebraska, allow the territory slavory, and last to eliminate Missouri Compromiseto ban slavery in the North.a.The Kansas-Nebraska Act caused notherners to imediatly react. Northerners were outraged and meetings were held to oppose the law.b. After Brown's attack it engaged a civil was and many people died from the battles, the battles became known as Bledding Kansas.

The forming of political divisions of the United States is an important thing in history because they are the many governing entities that together form the United States. Each political party have different thoughts and opinions on the laws we have and way our government is run. These political parties are units that together with the federal district and territories administered by the Federal government, compose the United States.

Elections of 1852

The Dred Scott Case7. Dred Scott was an enslaved African American. He was bought by an army doctor in Missouri. Dred sued for his freedom after his owner died and this verdict was brought all the way to the Supreme Court. a. He lost his case for freedom in the state courts but the Supreme Court decided he should be freed under terms of Missouri Compromise.

Form of New Rebublican Party

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

2.a)Congress passed a series of 5 seperate bills. Those laws together formed the Compromises of 1850.

Compromises of 1850

3. Franklin Pierce supported the Fugitive Slave Act. The purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act was so fugitives or slaves would be returned to their state or territory in which they come from. a. In result The Fugitive Slave Act cause Democrates in the House to split and made the Compromise with the South no longer possible.

The Fugitive Slave Act

The Raid on Harpers Ferry

James Buchanan

10. Lincoln won the Election of 1860 with a total of 180 votes. His victory promoted South Carolina to secede from the United States

b. Lincoln thought Dred Scott’s decision was wrong. He reacted in disgust to the ruling and was encouraged into political action. He spoke publicly out against that slavery should be prohibited.Dred Scott’s decision had an effect of growing the political and social gap between the north and South. The Dred Scott Case brought the nation closer to the brink of civil war.

Eletion of 1860

8. Douglas and Lincoln met several times in August, September, and October 1858. They mainly disscussed slavery. In debate Douglas tried to use Lincoln's words against him. Douglas opposed that people could eclude slavery by refusing to pass laws to protect slaveholders. Douglas won a narrow victory in elections but with Lincoln's defeat earned him a national reputatiion in debate.


Douglas and Lincoln Argument

Lincoln's Response to Dred Scott

Dred Scott

6. James Buchanan won the Election of 1856 with 174 electoral votes, winning all Southern states but Maryland.

Election of 1856

Josselyn #28Gadd

Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society. -John Adams


Have ypu ever wondered how the first political parties were frist formed?


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