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political divisions claudia

Political Divisions"Irrespective of any political party, I am a supporter of good people who want to do something for the society." - Kapil Dev

Fugitive Slave ActThe Fugitive Slave Act was apart of the group of laws referred to as the Compromise of 1850. The antislavery advocates gained admission of California as a free state. This prohibitied slave trading in the District of Columbia and caused controversy because it was between slaveholding interests and Northern Free-Soilers. The act was passed on September 18 and declared that all runaway slaves be brought back to their masters.

Republican Party

The Kansas Nebraska Act, also knwon as Bleeding Kansas, created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska in 1854. It opened new lands for settlement and had the effect of repeating the Missouri Compromise of 1820 by allowing white male settlers in those territories to determine through popular sovereignty. This was passed on May 30, 1854 and caused pro-slavery and anti-slavery supportes to settle into Kansas to affect the outcome of the first election, but it was declined. This resulted in Congress not recognizing the Constitution adopted by by pro-slavery settlers and Kansas wasn't allowed to become a state. It became known to be "Bleeding Kansas" because there was a lot of violent outbreaks in Kansas, people would fight and kill their neighbors if they voted differently.

Iconic IndividualsDred Scott was an enslaved African American man who unsuccessfully sued for him, his wife, and his two daugher's freedom. All 4 family members were involved in the "Dred Scott Decision." On March 6, 1857; 719 justices agreed Scott should remain a slave and had no right to bring suit on any matter. They declared Scott had never been free. This inspired the election of Abraham Lincholn and the Civil War.Stephen Douglas was a leader of the Democratic Party and had opposed views on Abe's beliefs. Douglas supported popular sovereignty and believed slavery should be allowed by vote. Abe did not agree to this, and was about free states and banning slavery.

New Land in the WestThe new land in the west renewed over the expansion of slavery because of the Missouri Compromise. It was passed in 1820 and divided the Louisiana purchase into free and slave states, and prohibited slavery in the North.

Comrpomise of 1850The Compromise of 1850 involved one big bill with 5 parts; Texas forced to give up western land claims for $10 million to pay its debts. During this, New Mexico helped organize this without any mention of slavery; California was admitted as a free state; Utah territory organized without the mention of slavery; Strict new fugitive slave law was passed on September 18, 1850; slave trade abolished in Washington D.C. which passed on September 20, 1880. Henry Clay was the original owner of this bill, but after his death, Steohen Douglas split it into 5 specific bills and lined up different coalitions to pass each.

Bleeding Kansas

The new Republican Party was established by former Whig Party members to counter slavery in western territories. They got support from the north and was referred to as the "Grand Old Party" or "Gallant Old Party." Together, they stood against slavery in western territories.

The Election of 1860 was a campaign between Abe Lincoln, Stephen Douglas, John Bell, and John Breckinridge. The Southerners wanted the slave codes preserved, but the Northeners wanted to contain it.

Election of 1860

The Election of 1856 was a heated campaign that James Buchanan, the ambassador of the UK, won. It was the first election where the Republicans ran a national presidential candidate. The Republicans lost, but won 4 years later.

Election of 1856

Harpers Ferry was a rebellion lead by John Brown who lead a small group against a federal armory in attempt to start an armed slave revolt and destroy the institution of slavery. This inflamed controversies and was highly publicized.

Harpers Ferry

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