Polish Solidarity

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Polish Solidarity

Polish Solidarity: 1. The first independent labor union in a Soviet bloc country. 2. A free trade union a symbol of hope and an embodiement of struggles against Communism and Soviet domination.

Polish Solidarity(Polish Solidarność)By: Tiara ClarkKetsia Jean-Charles

With Solidarity being one of the largest reforms in the country in years, many people advocated the movement. By Dec 1982, the martial law was imposed. It's purpose was to defer participants from unconquerable demands of reform, deeming it illegal and arresting the leaders of activist movements. Participants, however, didnt give up, continuing as a underground organization. (Underground Newspaper)

When the government enacted new food price increases (by 40%) in the summer of 1980,workers of the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk went on strike; strikers issued far-reaching demands for labor reform and greater civil rights. The top priority was establishment of a trade union independent of communist party control and possessing the legal right to strike.

"Shaking up Communism"

Propaganda of Lech Walsea

Propaganda of the time.

In total 10,000 memebrs were arrested in result to the governments banning of solidarity in October because of the rise of solidarity and how the organization expanded into a larger social movement. Apealing for economic reforms, free elections, and an increase in political participation of trade union. As solidarity progressed, it reached approxiametely 9.4 million members.

Federation of Fighting Youth

Founder of Solidarity, Lech Walsea

Solidarity: pursued political objectives with a high degree of nonvoilent discipline and self imposed limitations. Therefore, this delegitmized the communist regime by expsoing its ideological.

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