Polish Migration

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Polish Migration

Many people that make big migration movements do it for big reasons. In comparison with the polish people and and the interviewee both traveled long distances, and for the same reasons. Many families from Poland migrated for freedom and the independence that America holds. They saw better opportunities in America. As so did the family of the interviewee. They migrated for the same reasons. After that, some Polish migrants located themselves in Chicago. They saw that Chicago contains alot of diversity, with culture, race and religion. They knew that they would be able to start over with a better life.

Push Factors

-Lack of freedom -Polish partitions-Harsh persicutions -Unsuccessful resurrections

Pull Factors

-Freedom and Independence-Political Reasons


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Polish Migration


The Movement

Polish migration into America started in 1608. It continued with the American Revolution in 1776. It grew more between 1800 and 1860.



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