Polish Jews

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Polish Jews

Polish Jews WWII

by Mrs. W

The Polish Jews were the first to be persecuted by Adolf Hitler during WWII. He forced them into places called "ghettos" where most of their rights were taken away. They were put in the center of towns, with fences or walls surrounding where they lived. The couldn't leave the ghetto without permission, and many of them slowly starved to death. Hitler's plan was to exterminate all Jews, and he disguised his efforts by saying that he was creating "work camps" so that the Jews could assist the army of Germany with the War effort. In reality, he wanted to isolate them so that he could begin his "extermination" of what he though of as an inferior race of people. As he conquered more countries with his mighty army, he got braver and he started calling his ghettos "death camps". It didn't take long before he started using gas chambers to kill millions of Jews.


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