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Prevention:There are two times of prevention, oral and a shot. The shpt needs two injections. The oral dose only needs one dose. The preventions keep the poliovirus from surfacing and making its apperance.

Fun Fact:In the 1900s, the Poliovirus had many cases in kids and adults. The many cases caused this time to be called "Great Race" towards the delvopment of the vaccine.

Poliomyelitis (aka Polio)

Treatment:The poliovirus has no cure. Only things to help prevent the disease and help minimaize the symptoms and pain caused by the infection. Treatments will often inculed things like braces, physical and occupational therapy, rehabiliation, and many more.

Cause:The Poliomyelitis, aka Polio, is caused by a virus. The virus is called poliovirus. The poliovirus symptoms will appear within three to thrity five days. Most likey in the range of six to twenty days.

Symptoms:Some symptoms inculed muscle weakness, paralysisim, headache, neck, back, abdominal and extremity pain, fever, vomiting, lethargy, and irritability.


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