Poliomyelitis Disease

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Poliomyelitis Disease

Poliomyelitis Disease

What parts of the Body it affects and how - nasopharynx because the virus establishes a base there - intestines because the cells multiply there - central nervous system because the virus invades it - nerve cells/motor cells because the virus destroys them - skeletal muscles because when the nerve cells are destroyed then the skeletal muscles can't activate - leg/arm/trunk because the virus attacks motor neurons in the spinal cord which causes paralysis - Five senses/ breathing because the motor neurons in the brain stem are attacked DIFFERENT BODY PARTS ARE AFFECTED BY DIFFERENT STRAINS OF THE DISEASE

What is Polio - crippling - leads to paralysis, breathing problems, and in somecases death - infectious disease that only infects humans - enters the body through contact with the infected person feces or droplets from a sneeze or cough - many strains of the virus - caused by the poliovirus > small and made of icosahedral protein coat - this virus establishes itself in the mucosal surfaces of the nasopharynx > virus mulitplies

Tree Diagram of PolioPolio Symptomatic AsymptomaticNon-paralytic Paralytic Abortive Spinal Bulbospinal Bulbar

What are the theories for the cause of Polio - Pesticides - Tonsillectomies - Hygiene

What are the cures/treatments for Polio - once a human has polio, it is impossible to cure. It can only be prevented - vaccines prevent polio - iron lung - hot packs - physical therapy

My Cure for Polio - grow tonsil cells in a petri dish and inject them into all people who have had a tonsillectomy - this will allow them to have the cells to fight off polio


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