Policies and Prodedures

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Policies and Prodedures

Library Policies and Procedures

1. Grades 1 - 6 may check out up to 3 items from the library. Students in grades 1 - 6 may checkout one magazine along with their books to make a total of 3 items. Kindergarten students may borrow 1 book.2. Please return your materials on time. Other students may be waiting for a particular book. If you have one overdue item, you will not be able to check out any more items until your overdue materials are returned. 3. The checkout period for books is 2 weeks. Magazines  may be checked out for 3 days. Books are placed in the return bin located outside the library door.4. Books may be renewed one time.5. Books may be placed on hold or reserve.6. The fine for lost or damaged library materials is $15.00 per item. You may send in cash or a check made out to Colonial Hills Elementary. Or, you may replace the book with a hardback book of the same title. The lost magazine fine is $3.00. 7. Please respect our library materials: -Do not eat or drink while handling library materials. -Find a safe place for your books at home away from pets and younger siblings. -Bring your books back to school as soon as you are finished reading them. Put them in the return bin as soon as you get to school. -Carry them back and forth to school in your book bag to keep them safe. Please make sure your book bag is clean and dry!! -Do not lend your books to a friend to read. Return them to the library and your friend can check them out. You are responsible for all materials checked out under your name.8. When you are browsing for books, use a shelf marker to mark a book's place on the shelf. Please keep our books neat and in order.9. Our school's online catalog (OPAC) can be accessed from home through the library website (chskidslibrary.com) and from the Colonial Hills Elementary School homepage under Library Catalog10. If you have checked out books or are not checking out, please sit quietly at the tables. You may browse books or magazines, or use one or more of the centers available. Inside voices please.



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