Police Report Writing

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Police Report Writing

Requirements:Listing the name and nature of the inicident is important. Because the same inicident may come up in the future. Or the same person may be involved in a situation, and we need to have on record if anyone had any past involvement. This can also potentially help us to solve a future case, just by what a police officer had wrote on their report.

Report writing is one of the most important documents that a police officer writes. This gives all of the information on a case.

Quick Guide to Report Writing


Report writing can make or break a police officer’s career. Writing a good report can do many things including: showing an officer’s knowledge of the job, literacy, save time in court, aide states attorney’s, be used as teaching aides in academy’s, save officer’s from being disciplined or separated from the department as well as many other instances.

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Requirements:Date and time of the initial reportingName (if available) of the citizen requesting the service, or victim's or complainant's nameNature of the incidentNature, date, and time of action taken (if any) by law enforcement personnel.

By: Training Officer Heather Hamilton


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