[2015] Colin Brown (CHV2Od): Police Harassment

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[2015] Colin Brown (CHV2Od): Police Harassment

Police harassment is a serious social issue because of many reasons. Police harassment is when the police make illegal actions towards citizens for example; A police officer seeing an african-american walking and then taking illegal action because of his skin color. Most police harassment is caused by racism and sexism all around the world.

What is the social issue?

Who is affected by this?

The people who are affected by police harassment are mostly the citizens in the location of the illegal act. But the government is affected as well because if a police harassment act is done in a city/town, the citizens will no longer want to live in a place where they feel unprotected. The citizens will spread the word of police harassment happening in the area to others, which will cause more people to dislike the city/town

What can be done to prevent this?

My idea is to have a camera on the police officer recording at all times and can not be turned off by a police officer. The camera will only be turned on when the police officer is on duty and is turned off when the officer is done. The reason the officer can’t turn it on and off manually is because the officer could turn it off when he/she is in action or could be doing illegal acts.

Police harassment is most noticeable in the cities but usually in the low populated cities and areas. The reason it is in these areas is because it is low populated so that the police have an advantage of not getting caught. Also in these areas, the police harassment is likely racism.

Where is it the most prevalent?

This is such an important social issue because of many reasons. The first reason is that its wrong, unacceptable, and illegal. Second is that the police are suppose to serve and protect, not take physical action to prove a point. Finally, it is illegal and there should be action towards police officers that harass citizens.

Why is it such an important social issue?

When did it become a problem?

Police harassment became a problem a long time ago but it usually cause in many ways. First, police harassment usually starts because of racism and sexism. Second, police harassment usually happens when the town/city goes on a riot. Finally, police harassment starts because police officers think they are in charge on your life and start taking illegal actions towards citizens.

How can we as global citizens make them aware of this issue?

We can make people aware of this issue by doing lots of things. One way is to make a petition against police harassment. Another way is to take videos of police harassment happening so that there is proof it happened. Finally, you can make a PSA about police harassment to say how serious it actually is.

Police Harassment

I picked police harassment for my social issue because I have see lots of police harassment videos on youtube and it is not right for police to harass people just because they think they are in charge of everyone.


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