Polar Climate (Tundra)

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Polar Climate (Tundra)


The tundra biome is located in the Arctic near the North Pole. It is frozen for most of the year, but has a short summer season. The soil is often frozen and is called permafrost. Since it is frozen, most of the water is in ice form.

Climate is measured over time

Average Precipitation

The tundra gets very little precipitation. The amount is equal to the precipitation in a desert. It usually rains or snows less than 10 inches per year.

SeasonsThe Arctic has a winter season and a summer season. During the winter, the sun doesn't rise above the horizon very much. Because the Tundra is often frozen, there are no trees. The plants that do grow will grow close to the ground and have adaptations for the temperatures.

mean temperaturesin a year can range from 10 to 20 degrees F. The warmest month can be between 32 and 50 degrees F. The coldest temperatures can be 60 below zero!

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