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polar bears

Polar Bears

FoodPolar bears mainly eat seals. Well, seal fat. The males eat bearded and the females eat ringed. Cubs on the other hand drink or suckle their moms rich milk 6-7 times in one day. Polar bears are carnavores. Two pounds of seal blubber is the daily amout needed for a full grown polar bear.

CubsBaby polar bears are called cubs. Cubs are usually born is late March to mid-July. When the cubs are born they are usually born in groups of four and twins are most popular. Cubs are born blind and helpless being the size of a guinea pig. At birth a baby polar bear weighs 20-30 pounds. about 10 months later they will weigh 25 times their birth weight. The Cubs will remain in the den until April or March the next year. Before nursing the mother bear will dig a hole to lay in. Once the cubs can go outside the hunting starts immediately. Since cubs arent that stong yet they piggyback their mother when she is swimmimg and they follow her like ducklings. Once the cubs are 24-28 months old their mother will abandon them.

Body Polar bears have furry feet but,they also have something called Papillae. Papillae gives the polar bears traction or grip on the ice. Also they have webbed feet to help them swim. Body- Polar bears have two thick layers of white fur. But, under the fur the polar bears have black skin. The polar bears fur is also glossy because its waterproof with a large layer of fat underneath.

Height and WeightMass- Adult female- 150-250kgMass- Adult male- 350-700kg.It takes 8-10 years for a male to reach their full weight and it takes 5 years for a female.

CamoflagePolar bears have white fur to camoflage from hunters and other dangers. It also helps to sneak up on their prey.

FightsWhat causes polar bears to fight? In mating season when the males are showing off to the females and also food stress (may be killing involved). Food stress is when one polar bear cant find food or is lacking food and is starving. A male polar bear will kill the cubs of another male to mate the female or they are mad at the male.

Speed Speed- swimming- Adult- 10km/hSpeed- walking- Adult- 5.6km/hA polar bear was once spotted 100 miles from land or ice.

FactsThe Inuit call the polar bear a "nanuk" for respect.The polar bear is one out of eight kinds of bears.Polar bears- endangered because of global warming and hunters.


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