Polar Bears

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Polar Bears

Polar Bears live in theArctic & preyoff of ringed sealsas well as other small mammals. Polar Bears are also very good swimmers & eat fish

May, 2008, Polar Bearswere listed as endangered.Biologists estimate thereare 20,000-25,000polar bears in the world. This is because of global warming & the melting of the arctic.

Polar Bear males are usually 775-1,200 lbs while females range from 330-650 lbs. Their fur is white so they can blend in with the snow & ice but under their fur, their skin is actually black. Polar bears also have sharp claws & sharp teeth. They are the largest land-living carnivore.

Most polar bear mothers give birthto twins. Sometimes, there can beone cub, or even three, depending onher condition. They give birth between4-8 years old. Polar bears have a veryslow reproductive rate and only give birth to about 5 litters in their lifetime

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