Polar Bears

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Polar Bears

Polar bears live for 25-30 years. They weigh from 900-1600 pounds.

Polar Bears

INTERESTING FACTSPolar bears can actually overheat, so they need to swim in the arctic waters to cool off!!Polar bears have 42 teeth!

Mother polar bears dig a deep hole in the snow and give birth to one or two cubs. They stay in the den for several months. When they come out, mama bear teaches the cubs survival skills for about 28 months. Then they are ready to be on their own. Watch the video above to see a mama bear and cubs.

Polar Bears are the largest of all the bears. They are carnivores and prey on seals. There are no animals in the arctic that prey on polar bears except for other polar bears.

I eat seals!Yummm!

Polar bears live in the arctic circle. They have both blubber and fur to keep them warm.



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