polar bears

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polar bears

Help polar bears from becoming history :(((( they want to keep living, wouldn't you?

More Fun Facts

Polar bears are endangered now andif we don't try to protect them they mightbecome extict. Pochers are one of the mainreasons for polar bears dying. They thinkThat the polar bears will hurt them. That is not true unless they are provoked (loud noise and such). Another reason is global warming. The warming of the earth will melt the ice they live on.

Two polar bears fighting about cubs or shelter or food.

Polar bears are actually able towring themselves dry from water with ice. Their main food source is not suprising which are seals. Polar bears can keep their bodies at 37 degrees celceus which is the normal body heat at even -40 to -50 degrees below celceus. They are the largest land predator so their main worries about dying out are pochers because they think the polar bears will attack them but the truth is they only attack when they are provoked (loud noises). Another issue is global warming , it melts the ice which makes it hard to hunt for seals and find shelter. They are native to the arctic(they live there)

A mother helping its cub across water

An adult polar bear hunting for food in water

Polar Bears :))


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