polar bears

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polar bears

Adapation+ have fur on the soles of the feet, so they can walk on ice+ thick layer of blubber to stored energy+ sharp claw and teeth to eat and catch prey

Behavior+ mostly they don`t figth they usually run away+ rarely attack humans

extintion+ Humans in Greenland, Russia, and Canada have been hunting down polar bear for there fur

characteristics+ weight 150-250 kg (female)+weight 350-700kg (male)+ height 122-160 cm+ speed 10 mile per hours (swimming)+ speed 5.6 per hour walk

habitat+ live in Aractic inter-island called archipelagons+ live inside dens in the snow

polar bear

sourcewww. BBC-GCSE.govwww. bitesize.orgwww.worldoflife.org

extintion+ also the ice and snow melting and polar bear places are being destory

Diet+ eat protein-rich meats+ sometimes bird chicks and eggs

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class:Mammalia Order:Carnivora Family:Ursidae Genus:Ursus


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