Polar Bears

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Polar Bears

The latin name for the polar bear is, ursus maritimus that means sea bear. the polar bear is the only one considered a marine mammal because it depends upon the marine environment.

Polar bear

The average weght is 400-600kg for males and females are 150-250kg. There life expectancy is approximately 25 years.

The polar bear adapted to life in the extremes of the Arctic. Its distinctive coat acts as a camouflage in the snow so can hid from the threat of hunters

The polar bears live in the arctic terrain in vast areas of ice surrounding open water.They are excellent swimmers. The bears layer of fat allows it to stay warm in the frigid arctic waters and also helps it remain afloat.

The population is estimated about 25,000 and 40,000 worldwide, and approximately 13,000 to 15,000 living in canada. Churchill,Manitoba, on the western coast of Hudson Bay, is one of the three largest polar bear maternity denning areas in the world

What they eatis seal's,walrus,belugas and narwhals.


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