Polar Bears & Panda Bears

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Polar Bears & Panda Bears

Polar bears & Panda bears

Enviorment:Polar Bears live in the Circumpolar north. They do not live in Antarctica like most people think. Their habitat is very cold. They live in places with openings in the ice called leads, where they can hunt seals. Panda Bears live in forest land where bamboo grows. The forests have to be humid because they can ot live in cold places. Pandas can also sometimes live in mountains , in Asia.

Panda Bears use their paws to hold food. They have large molars to eat bamboo and they have strong jaws muscles to chew it. They also have black and white fur that camouflage them in their enviorment. For climbing trees they use their short claws. Polar Bears have different traits. They are very good swimmers so they can catch food. They also run very fast to catch food. On their paws they have packs of fur , so their feet dont freeze. Their fur also helps with that. It keeps them warm because the tempature in their enviorment can be very extreme.

Polar Bears have inherited traits. Their fur color and their layers of fat to keep warm. Pandas also have inherited traits. They have slit-like pupils, round ears, and short tails. As well as flat feet.

There have been some changes in the Pandas enviorment. Such as people cutting down trees so they have nowhere to live. There are also poachers coming and killing them. There is also less bamboo for them to eat. Polar Bear enviorments are changing too. There is too much heat in their enviorment which causes the ice to melt. If the ice melts they slowly drifet off or fall in the water causong them to drown. Also if its too hot they over heat and die because they have thick fur that does NOT go well with warm weather.

(Ailuropoda Melanoleuca)

(Ursus Maritius)


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