Polar Bears - Disasters

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Polar Bears - Disasters

Different Disasters - Disasters that occur can be made by humans (man-made) or done by nature (natural) - A man-made disaster is an event caused by negligent human actions. - A natural disaster is an event resulting from natural processes of the Earth.

Polar bears tend to overheat more than to be cold.

Over-Harvesting"The International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears allows for the taking of polar bears for use by local people using traditional methods and exercising traditional rights. WWF supports the right of indigenous peoples to continue to sustainably harvest local animals. "-WWF

Polar bears' livers are highly poisonous as they contain high amounts of Vitamin A.

Climate Change

When the ice melts, there is less food to hunt.With less food, polar bears become unhealthy, leading to slower reproduction rates.


Oil touches polar bears' fur- Loss of InsulationLoss of Insulation-More Calorie IntakeMore Calorie Intake is difficult for polar bears.Polar bears groom oiled fur- contaminatedPolar bears eat contaminated prey- liver and kidney damage.

Natural DisastersVolcanoes, avalanches, blizzards, high winds, electric storms and large icebergs may crack in half.These natural disasters affect polar bears habitats, diets and social life by destroying main paths and environments.

For every week earlier that the ice breaks up, polar bears are roughly 10 kg lighter and in an unhealthier state.

Polar Bears

Natural Disasters which affect Polar Bears!


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