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Polar bear


FUN FACTS!!1. Polar bear means sea bear.2.A baby polar bear is called a cub.3.Urusus martimus is the polar bear's scientific name!

What does the polar bear look like?Polar bears have snowy, white, thick fur(perfect for camoflauge) and big, powerful paws. And a strong jaw for catching prey.

Male polar bears can weigh 775 pounds to 1,200 pounds!

Female polar bears can weigh 330 pounds to 650 pounds!

Polar bear's bodies are long tapered and their necks are long to catch prey. Their cheek teeth are sharp but, their canine teeth are long, sharp, and widely spaced.

Polar bears eat the ringed seal, which is native in that area. They hunt by looking for air bubbles on the surface of the water, then wait for the seal to surface for air. The polar bear is a carnivore and is at the top of the food chain.

Polar bears live in snowy, freezing climates. Such as Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway. But global warming is forcing polar bears to move to a new home.

Polar bears are usually an independent animal, unless they travel with their family. And they have a long life span.

Help save the polar bears! Global warming is harming their homes!

My Sources:www.polarbearsinternational.orgwww.nationalgeographic.com

Domain= EukaryaKingdom= AnimaliaPhylum= ChordataClass= MammaliaOrder= CarnivoraFamily= UrsidaeGenus= UrsusSpecies= U. martimus


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