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Social Studies

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Famous people of PolandMarie Curie was a famous Scientientist who was born in Poland. She discoverd radioactivity and won a Nobel Prize. Nicolas Copernicus a famous astronomer was also from Poland he was the first to purpose the heliocentric theroy.Another famous person from Poland was Fredric Chopin. he was a famous pianist who was a child prodigy. Pope John II was also from Poland. He was the first pope not from Italy in about 450 years.


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Sports of POLAND!!!~soccer~ track and field~ handball~ cycling~ basketball~ volleyball

Words of Poland~glasses = okuary~milk = mleko~family = rodzina(rodzina) means family!"

Geography and WeatherThe weather is moderate most of the year. Temperatures can reach 90 degrees, but its not common. Winters are often cold, and rainfall is common.Its about the size of NewMexico, it's mostly flat, and there are mountain ranges along the southern border.There are about 9,300 lakes, and forests cover nearly 1/4 of the land.

Polish foods!Some Polish foods are: soup,meat,fish, salad,potatoes. And two delicious desserts of Poland are poppy seed dessert and cheese cake.

Natural Resourses ~ coal ~ Natural gas ~ copper

Reason to visit PolandWe want to visit poland because it is rich in history and the scenery is beautiful.

Historical facts~ Poland gets its name from the word polska meaning land of fields.~ Copernicus, the first to propose the heliocentric theory, was a polish born astronmer.

Quick FactsPopulation:38,562,189Capital: WarsawAnother major city:KrakowMajor religion: CatholicLanguage: PolishGovernment: Democratic RepublicCurrency: ZlotyArea: 120,728 sq mi

Interesting or naaah? ~Auschwitz -Birkenaw, a German concentration camp, was located in Poland. ~The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters.~September 1,1939,Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II.


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