[2015] ConnerJennaCali B (6th Grade Countries): Poland Jenna D

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[2015] ConnerJennaCali B (6th Grade Countries): Poland Jenna D

The population of Poland is 38,346,279 milllion

Warsaw is a great place where peole love to visit.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland

Some major bodies of water are Oder, Vistula, and Warta.

Some major cities are Cracow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw.

The color red on the flag means, bravery, strength, and valor. The color white on the flag means peace and honesty.

For food they eat stews and soups, meats and vegetables, cucumber salad, and piergosis. Piergosis is a dumping that is unleavened bread that can be cooked with various toppings.

For festivals there is an epiphany on January 6th. On August 15th there is an assumption day.

The language they speak is Polish.

What a child would do on a typical day is go to school one day and play outside or do their homework the rest of the day.

By Jenna Drake

Some major business companies are the fuel companies-PKN Orlen and the state owned gas companies.

A typical home in Poland.

They have a repuplican government.

European Lynx

Water Lobelia


Famous people from Poland are Pope John Paul II, Madam Curie, and Lech Walesa.

Poland is 312,685 thousand square miles.


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