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Pokemon Legends G l G

Geography l Glogger - G l GAnother Great Glog By Me, The G l GOver here, I have it all. You've seen about the Pueblo People, a rap, Pokemon HGSS, and now for my fourth edition, an extension of the G l G Pokemon Saga - Top 10 Legendary Pokemon, across all, and also Top 2 Legendary Pokemon in the Version.

Top 10 Legends of all time . . .1. Lugia - Rigidness in battle.2. Mew - Able to learn all TM's.3. Celebi - Extremely desirable.4. Darkrai - Due to Dark Void.5. Groudon - Strength in battle.6. Ho - Oh - Due to Sacred Fire.(Scroll down for more informat.)7. Arceus - All type pokemon.8. Mewtwo - All-rounder battler.9. Kyogre - Due to Water Spout.10. Arcanine - Although this pokemon is only a theoretical legendary, how easy it may be to get definetely does not defy it's great power and rigidness.

Top 2 Johto Legendaries -1. Suicune - Suicine is a very Rigid pokemon on the battlefield, also fast, strong and open to TM's2. Lugia - Although no.1 on legends of all time, and Suicune wasn't even listed on it, not to . . (Scroll down for more informat.)mention Lugia is everything Suicune plus even more on each quality, it's Lugia's flying type side that lets it down to a Suicune. That's the reason Suicune is no. 1 and Lugia is 2.

Top 2 Hoenn Legendaries -1. Registeel - Registeel is an extremely rigid pokemon on the battlefield, and is very open to learning Technical Machines.2. Regice - Regice is one of the 2 Ice type legendaries ever, and . .(Scroll down for more informat.)learns extremely powerful moves by level, is rigid, and is, like Registeel, open to learning TM's.

Top 2 Kanto Legendaries -1. Celebi - Without a doubt, Celebi is no. 1 for kanto. It is by far the most desirable legendary in pokemon, and can't be obtained by hacking, like all the others can. It also has quite a . .(Scroll down for more informat.)stunning ability added to it.2. Mew - Mew is all what Celebi is, plus more, as Lugia is to Suicune, but Mew can be acheived by GameShark hacking, which makes it rather less desirable than a Celebi.

Top 2 Sinnoh Legendaries -1. Darkrai - Undoubtedly, Darkrai is number one. The move it learns at level 66, Dark Void, is insanely useful during battle.2. Cresselia - Cresellia is the rare type of Psychic and Flying, and is very open to Technical M's.

The Person Speaking in this video, is not me, the awesome G l G

The Person Speaking in this video, is not me, the awesome G l G