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pokemon blake

The first pokemon game was pokemon yellow


These are all of the pokemon games yellow/red ruby/green/soulsilver/diamond/saphire/pearl/platinum/black/white/x/y/and many others (they all start with pokemon)

The newest pokemon game is pokemon x and y it is 3D and all the others are not 3D

Tere are 18 types and fairy types only exist in pokemon x and y

These are all of the types in pokemon normal/fire/water/grass/electric/ice/fighting/poison/ground/flying/phsychic/rock/ghost/dragon/dark/steel and the newest fairy

Press the pokemon starters for a website

The first pokemon game was made in 1995

In pokemon x or y you can use roller skates to ride around in but in Every pokemon game you can ride a bicycle and some running shoes to run in

The starter pokemons are one of the strongests pokemon and you can choose fire/water or grass

When you choose your starter pokemon the grass type can smash the water type the water can smash the fire and the fire smashes the grass

The first pokemon ever made was called Rhydon and is rock and ground

There are 18 starter pokemon and you can choose them in different games

All of the pokemon games are under the rating M


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