Poison Gas in WWI

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Social Studies
World War I

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Poison Gas in WWI

Poison Gas in WW1

Who use the poison gas first?The poison gas was first used on the Germans by Franch in August 1914. Then the Germans was first to develop chemical weapons, and used in a large scale.

What kind of poison gas was used?The poison gas was first introduced at the start of the second battle of Ypres. 1914: Tear gases1915:Large-scale, lethal gases and more deadly gases1917:Mustard gas

How they defended the poison gas?The army used cotton pads which were dipped in a solution of bicarbonate of soda and held over the face. The soldiers also held a urine drenched cloth over their face would serve in an emergency to protect against the effects of chlorine.

The poison gas will cause irritation, burning, inflammation, bloody nose, and nausea

The total causalities caused by poison gas is 1.32 million.


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