Poison Gas during ww1

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World War I-II

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Poison Gas during ww1

The Development of Poison Gas:

-First WMD ever used was tear gas-first used by French at battle of Ypres in 1915

-Soon after the Germans fired gas sheels that casued violent sneezing fits on the French-October 1914

-The second battle of Ypres was the first the time the Germans debuted their chlorine gas.- When the French troups inhaled the chlorine gas, their respiratory organs were destroyed and caused violent choking spasm.

Mustard-Within 7 hours of being exposed, the victim will suffer from internal and external blistering. This leaves victims with damage to the lungs and other important organs.

Tear Gas- Debuted in August 1914 by the French, contains xylyl bromide which causes its victims to tear violently so they lose vision.

Different Types of Poison Gas:

Chlorine-Symptoms include violent nausea, faintness, and violent watering of the eyes, making soldiers practically blind. This also damaged their respiratory organs by causing violent choking attacks.

Phosgene-When inhaled, the effects of this gas are only made apparent after 48 hours. By this time, the gas has already embedded itself into the respiratory organs and there is little that can be done.

Causes and Effects of Poison Gas:

Effects:-the use of poison gas caused widespread condemnation for the Germans and their tactics-German relations with the neutral powers (such as the US), were damaged- British propaganda helped to sway public opinion- Ended German hesitancy over the gas and escalated the use of poison gas

Causes: -The countries fighting in World War 1 were in need of a new WMD. - Prior to WW1 poison gas was considered "uncivilized"

Staying Protected Against Poison Gas:

At the start of the War: -Wads of cotton pads were manufactured and dipped in baking soda to help absorb the chlorine gas.-Soldiers often protected themselves by taking a piece of cloth with their own urine on it and holding it up to their face.

Protection During WW1:-Gas masks with charcoal and antidote chemicals proved to be effective.

Poison Gas:During World War 1

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