Poison Frogs

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Poison Frogs

The poison frogs are very small amphibians, up to 12 - 19 mm ( 0.5 to 0.75 inches ). Poison frogs a very colourful. These colours include red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black or brown spots on their backs. Poison frogs store poison on their back that can kill other animals and even a human! They have 2 eyes and webbed feet. Poison frogs also have a long sticky tongue. Amphibians like the poison frogs are very poisonous and very dangerous.

The poison frogs live in the beautiful rainforests of Central and South America. There are about 40,000 plants and also about 7,500 types of different butterflies that live in the Amazon basin which covers most of South America. Poison frogs are also found in the beautiful country's of Peru and also Brazil. They can live on the ground, in the trees (on leaves ), in logs, or rocks on the floor.

The mother of the poison frog lays her eggs on a leaf or on a log. The male frog gaurds the eggs. Then the mother will bring her eggs on her back to a small pond or lake. These eggs are now tadpoles, they start forming into frogs. They now have legs and a tail. These are called froglets. It takes about 2-3 months for the tadpole to develop into a frog. Then, the frog comes out of the water after 2 months and lives their lives on ground or in the trees.

Poison frogs are brightly coloured to scare off predators. They have poison stored in their back. They also have the ability to make their own poison ( skin secreations ). Some poison frogs use camoflage to hide from predators. It also uses it's long, sticky tongue to catch bugs. They have webbed feet for climbing trees and jumping around. They have a long middle toe that makes the sound of rain so they can catch their pray. Poison frogs are very small so they are harder to see.

Did you know tribes used poison from the poison frog to dip their arrows? Also, a tiny amount of the poison can kill an adult! This type of frog is in the Dendrobatidae frog family. Poison dart frogs are the most dangerous frogs in the world. Sadly, some of the poisonous frogs are endangered due to habitat loss. One thing that is causing this is global warming and climate change. This is dying out bodies of water that all amphibians count on.

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