Point vs Non Point Pollution,(Assignment),Eart Science

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Point vs Non Point Pollution,(Assignment),Eart Science

Point source pollution-The Clean Water Act put restrictions on how much and what kind of pollutants industries can dispose of in rivers and lakes. While this has not eliminated industrial or domestic waste from entering our waters completely, it has reduced what once was our biggest source of water pollution.Non-point source pollution- It comes from the cumulative effect of a region's residents going about their everyday activities, such as fertilizing a lawn or driving a car.


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The Difference Between Point and Non Point Pollution is that Point source pollution is pollution that comes from a single source, such as a factory or wastewater treatment plant. An Non-point source pollution does not have one specific source, such as a factory.

Illustrate possible point and non-point source contributions to pollution and natural or human-induced pathways of a pollutant in an ecosystem (SE-M-A3)



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