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Point of View

Digital Storytelling

Twitter!!It would appeal to the students and if I want them to perform well, I have to get them excited to learn! I could use Twitter as a communication technology to show readers various examples of points of view. Topics like the CMA Awards or the Super Bowl would be great examples. “If I were to do a dance based on the Super Bowl, how would the movement differ if I was rooting for the winning team verses the loosing team?”

What is Point of View (POV)?This informational text would serve greatly as a read aloud-introductory activity and be a great source of review and refresh time for the students. it describes/defines the various points of view and includes easy to read examples while staying short, sweet, and to the point!

Informational Text

Point of View Text Set!

Web-Based Text

Who Doesn't Love Disney??Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is told from a third person point of view. In this tale, a narrator relates all of the action using pronouns like “he” and “she” without conveying the thoughts or feelings of any of the characters.Knowing no true emotion or perspective from any of the characters, how would this shape a dance piece?

Picture Book: Sleeping Beauty

Clips of Maleficent!This film is such a great movie!Portrayed from the storyteller’s perspective as an antagonist in Sleeping Beauty, this movie makes the villain everyone’s favorite character!These visuals show how even the blackest of hearts can melt into something lovely.

Visual: Maleficent


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