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- 80% of Poinsettias are purchased by women.- Commercially grown in all 50 states.- Poinsettia shrubs in nature can grow to be about 10 feet tall.- California is the top Poinsettia producing state.- Poinsettias are a well loved variety of houseplants.- Considered to be tropical perennial plants.

- Poinsettias are apart of the Euphorbiaceae or Spurge Family. - Poinsettias are not poison. - The showy colored parts of Poinsettias are actually colored bracts. - Called Lobster Flower due to the red color. - In Mexico the poinsettia is a perennial shrub that will grow to be about 10-15 feet tall. - There are 111 different varieties of poinsettias grown today. - Native to Mexico - Joel Robert Poinsett introduced the world to Poinsettias on December 12, 1828. ( This is why December 12th is considered to be Poinsettia Day )


- You can tell the freshness of the Poinsettia by observing its pollen. - Poinsettias are pollinated by both insects and birds.

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- Once the leaves begin to wilt, the plant is dying. - Poinsettias are small, cup like shaped.- The red leaves of Poinsettias can be used to make dye for clothes.

- Around 60 million Poinsettias are sold in a year.- If the plant is eaten, it can cause stomach irritation or discomfort.


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