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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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This is Sarah Kay's video, "Jellyfish." She performs this piece, which is about when Jellyfish invaded her beach when she was a young girl and her day's goal was to get rid of them and make the water safe for all again.

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My favorite spoken word poets: Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

Spoken word poetry is a way of expressing yourself through oral communication - as opposed to written langauge or interperative dance. Spoke word combines performance art with the written form of poetry we are all so used to. Sarah and Phil run an organization called PROJECT VOICE, which is all about encouraging the youth to write and let their voices be heard. VOICE actually stands for, "Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression." Sarah has also been feature on TED talks (a series of inspirational youtube videos and live performances with her piece, "If I were to have a daughter." Sarah's other video (far left) is her spoken word piece titled, "Montauk." In it she says, "Montauk is where time goes to take a break." I like this idea because it reminds me of summer, when there is no school and you are spending time with family and friends. The memories created are of a totally different genres because the sense of responsibility is very different than the other 9 months out of the year. This video reminds me of family vacations, fights, make-ups, and first crushes from "far away" lands.



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