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The Light of my HeartThe sun is shinin', lightin' up the grassy plainI feel a summer breeze that sweeps away my painthe sunshine warms my face, and brings me the lightas long as i've got some sunshine, i know i'll be alrightThe sunshine makes me want to tear my heart in twobut only so i can share some of it with youThe sky is beautiful tonight, i can't say i dont love those pretty lightsbut the sunshine makes me come alive it let's me know everything'll be just finei wanna watch the horzon change from dark to blueand feel my heart swell as i fall in love with youThey say the darkest part of all of us is on the insidebut i know that you will always keep my heart shining bright

DreamThe dreary clouds hang low overheadi smile a bit and climb into my bedthe bed is pleasantly warmit conteurs to my delicate formIt silhouette my bodies frameand massage away my painClose your soft dreary eyesa new day awaits you at sunrise.Dream, of a fluffy cloudy landor maybe of a beach with silky soft sandThe world is so beautiful when your asleepso into a deep sleep may you pleasantly seep.

SummerTime to play and time for changeTime for sun and time for gamesTime to relax and time to runTime to let loose and have some funTime to write and time to readTime to mow and time to weedTime to be with friends you can rely onTime to sit with loved ones and watch the horizonTime to get away and just be a kidTime to remember times we did.

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By: Jacob Carrizales

PerfectionI know of a fantastic, magical placewhere nothing matters, not age, sex, or racewhere the skies are blueand love is truewhere the people smile all dayand the children run, and laugh, and playwhere the birds chirp and singand the church bells all ringa place where no one ever diesand no one ever asks any whysThis place is perfect in every waytoo bad it's impossible for us all to stayWhen we close our eyes and seepinto the deepest darkest sleeponly then do we awakeand to reality do we forsake


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