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 Poetry Writing Assignment



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LiteratureAn EpitaphFor Whom the Bell TollsRichard CoryEleanor RigbyTo an Athlete Dying YoungThe Raven Those Winter Sundays

"If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry." Emily Dickinson

Persuasive EssayAnswer the following prompt in a multi-paragraph, well organized essay.Do you agree or disagree with A. E. Houseman's statement that the athlete dying young is fortunate because he "will not swell the rout of lads that wore their honors out". Why? Support with text evidence.

OER Writing Assignments•Explain how Edgar Allan Poe uses repetition to set the tone in the poem, "The Raven".•In the pem, "The Raven", how does Poe's choce of words helpset a mood for the peice as a whole.•Using text to support your answer, explain how Robert Hayden characterizes the son's relationship with his father in the poem "Those Winter Sundays".• Compare and contrast the authors' attitudes towards life and or death in the poems "An Epitaph" and "An Athlete Dying Young".•How do the Beatles use metaphor to illustrate the power of loneliness or dreams in "Eleanor Rigby"?•How do the author's shifts in "Eleanor Rigby" contribute to the poem as a whole?• In the poem, "For Whom the Bell Tolls", how does John Donne's choice of words help set thea mood for the piece as a whole?•In "Richard Cory" what message is the author trying to portray?

Gothic Writing Assignment

English 4B

Colorful LanguageThe Fallen HeroDreams/Visions/HallucinationsForbidden KnowledgeThe DoppelgangerVoices from BeyondDemon Lovers/Domestic ViolenceStitling Air/Suppocation MotifBeastly TransformationsSupernatural ElementsThe Language of Doom and GloomHaunted RuinsDrug Abuse/Use'Deals' with the DevilThe Monster as a HeroMagical TalismansThe Byronic Hero


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After reading the poetry and completing the reading questions, complete at least 4 writing prompts.

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The purpose of an open-ended response is to adequately explain an answer to an analytical question while including text support and your own analysis. Basically, an adequate open ended-response is made up of four parts:Answer the Question— This is the part where you “answer the question” using part of the question itself.Context--the words, phrases, and ideas that surround a word or a quote within a passage that can throw light on its meaning. The context also provides context for the answer. Text—the text support from the work itself. Usually, you should include who said it. MLA format requires the last name of the author and the page on which the quote was found in order to be cited properly.Subtext--the implicit meaning or theme of a literary text; the inferred meaning of the textHere is how it’s done for a poem:An Introduction to PoetryBilly CollinsWhat image does this suggest to the reader?I ask them to take a poemand hold it up to the lightlike a color slideThis suggests that the poem is something that needs to be studied in order to really understand what is going on within the poem.or press an ear against its hive.The poem is alive like a hive of bees, buzzing with activity.I say drop a mouse into a poemand watch him probe his way out,The poem is like a maze that has to be figured out from the inside out.or walk inside the poem's roomand feel the walls for a light switch.The reader needs to be able to “find the switch” and figure out what the poem means.I want them to waterskiacross the surface of a poemwaving at the author's name on the shore.The speaker wants the reader to enjoy reading the poem effortlessly, like skimming across the water.But all they want to dois tie the poem to a chair with ropeand torture a confession out of it.The problem is that students/readers don’t like poetry so they want to “torture it” in order to understand what it means.They begin beating it with a hoseto find out what it really means.The torture takes the fun out of it and reading poetry becomes an exercise in torture.How does Billy Collins use imagery in order to express his feelings about analyzing poetry?Answer the question:In his poem “An Introduction to Poetry”, Billy Collins uses imagery to suggest that while he would like readers to enjoy the act of reading and analyzing poetry, most people find poetry analysis to be painful and unpleasant.**Please note that because this answer has two parts, you will have to provide two sets of context, text, and subtext in order to balance the answer. See below for example.Context: (Point out the the Appropriate Stanza, paraphrase if necessary)(1) The speaker of the poem would like the readers to (2) However, later in the poem he says, Text: (Quote)(1)I want them to water ski/ across the surface of a poem/ waving at the author's name on the shore(2) But all they want to do/ is tie the poem to a chair with rope/ and torture a confession out of it.Subtext: (Analysis)(1)this suggests that he would like his students to concentrate on fun aspects of reading poetry instead of worrying about details.(2)This implies that students don’t want to enjoy reading poetry and only want to beat a confession out of it rather than enjoy it.Final Answer:In his poem “An Introduction to Poetry”, Billy Collins uses imagery to suggest that while he would like readers to enjoy the act of reading and analyzing poetry, most people find poetry analysis to be painful and unpleasant. For example, in the fifth stanza, the speaker says he would like the readers to “water ski/ across the surface of a poem/ waving at the author's name on the shore”, using imagery to suggest that students reading poetry should concentrate on the fun and enjoyable aspects of poetry. Unfortunately, the speaker also knows that most readers want to “tie the poem to a chair with rope/ and torture a confession out of it”, this time using imagery to imply that most students find poetry difficult and torturous to read and analyze.Now you are going to put this strategy into use by analyzing four of the Gothic poems you have previously read. From the list of questions on the Writing glog, choose 4 questions to respond to using text support. Your answer should be correct, complete, and show depth. You will not get credit for a basic answer. You must complete the chart for each of the questions and provide a full answer at the end. If you have problems, please see your teacher for help. 1.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer the question:Context: (Paraphrase the Appropriate Stanza)Text: (Quote)Subtext: (Analysis)Final Answer:2. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer the question:Context: (Paraphrase the Appropriate Stanza)Text: (Quote)Subtext: (Analysis)Final Answer:3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer the question:Context: (Paraphrase the Appropriate Stanza)Text: (Quote)Subtext: (Analysis)Final Answer:4. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer the question:Context: (Paraphrase the Appropriate Stanza)Text: (Quote)Subtext: (Analysis)Final Answer:


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