Poetry: The Voices and Images of our World (Writing)

by lynnbradley
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Poetry: The Voices and Images of our World (Writing)

Poetry: The Voices and Images of our World

Words to Know

You will start to organize a poetry anthology, or collection, of your favorite poems

Go to Amazon.comType in Poetry Anthology. Browse through the results and notice the various ways the anthologies are categorized.

You will create your own poetry anthology. The poem will be on the left side of the page. The right side is for your responses to one or more of the following: 1) What is the poem about, 2) How does the poet feel about the subject, 3) What literary devices did the poet use and 4) Did you feel a connection with the poem? If so, what is it.

The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Poems for this lesson are in the attachment: 1) Flowers are a Silly Bunch, 2) City, City and 3) Sing a song of People

City, CityGet a piece of drawing paper, pencils, crayons, whatever other tools you wish to use.Fold your paper in half and illustrate City I on the left, City II on the right.Looking at your picture, write a poem describing what you see.

My Book of PoemsGo to this You Tube video to construct your book. When you finish, select a poem you like and glue or paste it on the left page. On the right respond to these questions:1) What is the poem about? 2) How does the poet feel about the subject?

Put yourself in the place of the country or city mouse. Write a poem to your cousin (whichever mouse you didn't select) describing your experience when you came visiting.



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