Poetry-Rebecca Franko

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Poetry-Rebecca Franko


Rebecca Franko is excited by little things. Like falling leaves and new pencils. She also loves caterpillars. Oh and finding baby toads. Those are her favorites. She's had many crazy experiences like finding a squirrel in her stove that never worked. She also listens to a lot of music. Her favorites are Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens and Green Day. She values her record player and her vinyls. Hoping to buy new vinyl records from Halsey, she saves up. The only problem is that she can't save up and she feels the need to buy useless stuff. Useless things include, socks she'll never wear, candy (not useless) and little trinkets that she will throw out in a few years because she strongly dislikes them.Her favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Parks and Recreations and Bob's Burgers.

When you tell her, the one that wears skimpy clothes,she’s a distraction to his education,you are telling her he is worth more than her.When you tell her she’s just a woman,and can’t do as much as a man,you are degrading her potential.When you tell her her job is to be a ¨housemaid¨or to be a wife or caretaker of the children,You are telling her your life is more important than hers.We need to stop degrading women,let them show their potential,and use their freedom how they want.But most of all we need feminism.

By Rebecca Franko


About her

Inspiration for her feminism poem

You sit, collecting change from passersby.Not a dime to spare, some people leave you.Babies look at you, start to sob and cry.Many try to make faces out of the blue.You can understand, for you are dirty.You eat food out of the city trash can,The water you drink is dark and murky,Most of all, you have nothing, not even a van.This all started when you lost your great job.After, you were hated by relatives.Its happening you say and start to sob.Your brand new life has become tentative.This is how life will slowly start to end.So please just help, give a dollar and spend


"kewl"- alyssa ricci 2015"Great sonnet Rebecca" -Evan Gilroy, 2015

Rebecca was inspired to write poems about global issues because she feels that not many people recognize how much of a mess our world is. Her first poem about feminism is here favorite because it channels her inner feminist.

Pierce the Veil



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