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Poetry Presentation

Poetry Presentation

Together we will analyize the poem "Shall I compare Thee to a Summers Day" by Shakespeare.


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Types of Figurative Language:-Shall I compare thee to a summer's day: Simile -thy eternal summer shall not fade: metaphor-Death: personified as he-buds: symbol for virgins

Theme:The theme in "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summers Day" is defying time, and lasting forever. Although it's not physically possible to live forever, the young man plans to do so for the girl he loves, through her remembrance in this sonnet.

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Stucture & Style

Rhyme Scheme



Shakespear's Background-Shakespeare was born in 1564-He married Anne Hathaway and together they had 8 kids.-He wrote 154 sonnets; as well as, 37 plays.-Although he was known for writing, he often performed in his plays. -He invented the word "assassination"




The speaker in this sonnet is a young man who seems to bein love for the first time.

The style of this poem is considered to be a sonnet. A sonnet is a poem that is composed of 14 lines that can have any form of rhyme scheme. In this case, the poem would be considered a Shakespearan Sonnet.

Shakespearan sonnets include an octave, which is where the rhyme akes place. The octave is eight lines long, and typically follows a rhyme scheme of ABBAABBA, or ABBACDDC. The sestet occupies the remaining six lines of the poem, and typically follows a rhyme scheme of CDCDCD, or CDECDE.

The main focus of this sonnet is the person in which he loves. The speaker explains how the beloved’s beauty will accomplish this feat, and not perish because it is preserved in the poem, which will last forever.

The diciton in this poem ranges from words like "summer" and "gold" which give the feeling of joy and warthm. However, it also includes words like "eternity" and "long" that express the true intentions of the speaker.

The tone in this play is very soft. It gives readers a romantic feel, but at the same time gives off the tone of simplicity. He describes defying the impossible so easily.

The imagery throughout the sonnet is simple and unaffected, with the “darling buds of May” giving way to the “eternal summer.”



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