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A Poem for Using the Bathroom Playing outside is so much fun,Running, dancing in the sunI have to pee and if I don’t runDown my leg, it will run.And the kids will all make fun.But I will wash my hands when I am done.

A Poem for Lining UpStand up, push in your chair,Let no sound into the airWalk to the door, hands clasped tightWe’ll leave when line-up form is right.

A Poem for HomeworkAn A is perfect, and so much fun!A B might be because it’s not all done.A C means you need to see your teacherAnything else will get eaten by the homework creature.

The Classroom Promise I walk in the classroom, I am a student.There is my teacher, and I’ll try to please her.I’ll do what she asks, and do it right then,I will do my best again and again.

A Poem for Raising Your Hand I think my teacher doesn’t see meMy hand’s been up forever and is uneasyAll this waiting is making my stomach queasyOh! She called me! Hooray! That was easy!

Poems for the Classroomby Elliot Streyer



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