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Poems by: Mobi

POEMS By: Mobi


I am Mubashira Ahmed author of these poems. I am born in August 16, 2005. I am in the 5th grade and I am 10 years old. In my hometown Saudi Arabia schools were strike.In Hostuon Texas there are many kind people and better schools. I like it here much better. My favorite sport is football.

BananaYellow, YummySmaching, Biting, ChoppingMy favorite fruitBanana

An old swan floatingIt grabs a big fish to eatAnd gobbles the fish

SHAPE POEMIAmA littleRaindrop. IHit the ground andMake a sound. A soundAs soft as a quiet mouse.When I hit the ground I become Into a million drops. I become sad.People asking all around what soundIs tha? I answer I'm a little raindrop. IDo to the cloud when the sun comes out.Starting a alife all over again. I do the same as I get another lif. Drip drop I say Everytime it rains. Drip drop Drip drop.Drip drop. Drip drop. Drip dropDrip drop I say.

Antonym DiamanteElephantGrey, IntelligentDull, Loud, WrinklyWild, Slow, Clusm, GiantCareful, Friendly, PlayfulSleepy, LovingPerson.


Synonym DiamanteDogsCute, FluffyBarking, Running, PlayingPoodles, Bulldogs, BullmastiffsSmelly, Snuggly, Tough Friendly, GooofyAnimals.

About The Author

Chinquain PoemFootballBrown, HardThrwoing, Catching, KickingMy favorite sportFootball


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