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Percy Shelley

Rakib SiddiqueHonors English 1

Early life-Percy Shelley wasborn on August 4, 1792 in Field Place, Engalnd. He was the eldest son of Timothy and Elizabeth Shelley and the heir to a large inheritance which included his grandfather's large estate and a seat in the British parliament. He began studying at Eton College in 1804 and would stay there for six years. This is where he first began writing poetry. His first publication was the novel Zastrozzi (1810). In this book, Shelley expressed his atheist views. He then attended Oxford afterward for a year. He was later expelled for publishing and circulating the pamphlet The Necessity of Atheism (1811). Percy's religious views caused his relationship with his father to deteriorate.

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Later LifeShelley married Harriet Westbrook, 16, and moved to Scotland in 1811. He later met British phillosopher William Godwin and fell in love with his daughter, Mary. Harriet committed suicide in December 1816. Soon after Harriett's body was found, Percy married Mary. Due to this, he lost custody of his two children with Harriett. The couple moved to Italy in 1818. Percy had most of his works published within the last few years of his life. He drowned when he tried sailing to La Spezia, Italy on June 8, 1822.



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