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Language Arts

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Poe Glog - Assignment Description


Creat Glog About:"Edgar Allan Poe"

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1) Select a layout from the main menu, then use the information gathered during your research to create a visual representation of Poe's life.2) Use photos, video, quotations, etc. to represent Poe's life visually (Be sure that your color choices, graphics, photos and video are relevant and appropriate to the content)3) Include a brief description of Poe and his life4) Complete your project in class today. If you need more time, it must be finalized outside of class no later than Friday 12/145) Pay close attention to the rubric I have given you in order to obtain maximum credit

Put together a "Glog" that informs and educates the viewer about Edgar Allan Poe. Use the research you've done, and short stories and poems you've read to guide the content of your project.